DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Bukeela, JW

RAG g 04 - Blå Tortie Mitted - Født: 27. May 2018


Bukeela first show in Zutphen 2018, Netherlands 13-14/10-2018

Saturday: BIS kitten and BEST OF CATEGORY 1.

She won 2th Place in the blue special. Lost to a 6y britisch shorthair.

Sunday: BIS kitten

I'm so proud of the little princess.

Big congratulations to the owner: Loes Je, Cattery Made by Mexx

Billed Navn EMS Kode Farve/mønster Status
DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Livanto RAG e 04 21 Creme Mitted Tabby Solgt
DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Dharkan RAG d 21 Rød Tabby Solgt
DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Kazaar Rag a 03 Blå Bicolour Solgt
DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Rosabaya Rag e 03 21 Creme Bicolour Tabby Solgt
DK Cat2Be Nespresso - Envivo RAG d 03 21 Rød Bicolour Tabby Ledig